Singing Yesterday’s News Again Radioplay

 The radio play version of “Singing Yesterday’s News Again” the SAVVY FUNK documenta14 radio news project by Nicholas Bussmann & Natascha Sadr Haghighian with 18 singers
is now online at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.the introduction is German, most of the
radio play is in English language.

Der Cottbusser Chor: Laura Mello, Lucille Desamory, Margarete Kammerer, Aaron Snyder, Eduard Mont de Palol, Rico Repotente (v.lks.). Nicht im Bild: Yusuf Ergün. (Anne Wellmer)

Laura Mello, Lucile Desamory, Margareth Kammerer, Aaron Snyder Eduard Mont de Palol, Rico Lee at SAVVY Contemporary singing “The News Trilogy”

photo:Anne Wellmer

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