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Non Stop City
Warburgs Memo
Warum ich mich letzendlich …
our house



Energieberg Georgswerder

a concept for an Installation by raumlabor berlin & Nicholas Bussmann

I see some steps going up the hill. Something is written on them. As I start climbing up those steps , I discover information, which will accompany me on my way to the top. A scale informs me, meter after meter, about the altitude I am reaching. Another scale describes the history of the hill- from the garbage site to the hill for new energies…  read more

Non Stop City

During ride on a ship in the night on the Rhine-Herne-Canal a sketch of a imaginary city is presented. Erik Göngrich, Jan Liesegang, T.Schlopsniess, Florian Riegel, Michael Schultze & Nicholas Bussmann lay out the Non Stop city using video, music, overhead projections, drawings, words and fireworks. Non Stop City was part of the Ruhr.2010.

listen to the music by Nicholas Bussmann for Non Stop City

Non Stop City is a project initiated by Erik Göngrich & raumlabor/Jan Liesegang.
music:Nicholas Bussmann film:Florian Riegel

Warburgs Memo

Concept: Lindy Annis
with: Lindy Annis, Antonia Baehr, Nicholas Bussmann
Music: Nicholas Bussmann
Premier: Hebbel-am-Ufer 3 Berlin, October 2008

Leidschatz, Denkraum, Eilsiegbringitte, Bewegtes Beiwerk, Siegerpathos, Muskelrhetorik, Orgiastische Massenergriffenheit, Harmonikalisches System, Magna Mater, Wissenschaftlerei, Gute Nachbarschaft, Pathosformel, Mnemosyne.
Lindy Annis presents a new work about the iconography of passion and the body-archive.

Starting at Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne, Annis uses the art historian’s theories and methods to develope her own performative atlas investigating the survival of ancient culture in today’s world. Together with the dramaturg Antonia Baehr and the composer Nicholas Bussmann, she investigates the concept of the body as archive for memories (personal, collective and cultural) and iconic body gestures as the expression there of.
The reknowned art historian and theoretician Aby Warburg was born in 1866 as the first son and heir to an influential Jewish banking family in Hamburg, Germany. In 1904 Aby Warburg founded the archive and library, the „Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg“. With his research into recurring images and forms, he created new methods of the study of iconography.


a Performance by Nicholas Bussmann inside an installation by artificiel/Canada
Tesla/Berlin 5.december 2005
supported by the Canada Council
Performance 30 Minutes

… walk through a space created by artificiel, sing a simple song:

I’m counting, I’m counting the waves, I’m counting the waves on the rhine



A Radio-Play Performance
by Lindy Annis and Nicholas Bussmann

February 14, 2005, Hau 2, Berlin
later at: Wunder der Prärie mannheim and Ausland|Berlin
40 Minutes in English.

Text: Lindy Annis

Music: Nicholas Bussmann

He says
She says
He says
She says
He says
She says
She says I thought I’d find you here.
He says it isn’t what you think it is.
She says I have two eyes and they see what they see. I have two eyes and they tell me what you don’t want me to believe.
He says your eyes don’t see everything there is to see. There is more to believe, believe me.
She says should I believe you who I have only known for five months and ten days more than I should believe my eyes who have been with me since I was born?
He says it’s true. I am here. I am here with her. I am here with her arms around my neck, with her lips on my mouth, with my shirt on the chair and my pants on the floor. I’m here with her slip in my hands, but it’s not
what you think, believe me.

Warum ich mich letztendlich doch dafür entscheiden würde Musiker zu bleiben

Reich & Berühmt 2001
Frankfurt Mousonturm

a dance solo