Ein bisschen weiter nach Osten von Lucile Desamory & Nicholas Bussmann
Production: France Culture Salon radiophonique

mit Hannah Hurtzig, Ghazi Barakat, Laura Mello, Todosch Schlopsnies, Lindy Annis, Lars Rudolph, Christophe Berhault und Alexander Klose

Radio télépathique by Lucile Desamory

une évocation radiophonique, 39 min., produite par France Culture / atelier de création radiophonique, 2010
“radio télépathique” is inspired by the electronic voice phenomenon (evp). Tonbandstimmen are recorded vocal messages from beyond on tape but also cassettes, minidiscs, computers, etc.
It is said that the ghosts, because they are ethereal entities and thus have no mouth or larynx, use radio waves to form a human language as much as a (sometimes barely) human voice. The radio waves transport their message to us which is mostly a very positive one. Instrumental transcommunication and evp bring up the fear of the unexplained and at the same time transform the commonly pictured menacing ghoul into the friendly ghost of the white noise.
Avec les voix de:
Antonia Baehr
Christophe Berhault
Guillaume Cailleau
Damien Desamory
Lucile Desamory