If one turns on the tap then the sound of the water changes with the temperature.Warm water sounds darker.Warm days sound different to cold ones.Moist air sounds different to dry air.During August in the summer of 2013 it was very humid and hot.Unusually hot for Berlin, and high up under the roof in the studio in Kreuzberg it was a little hotter still.

Werner Dafeldecker and Nicholas Bussmann have known each other for a long time, they have made music together in this or other ways on numerous occasions.Maybe it was these special circumstances that made precisely this music possible.It was simply too hot for too much – thus the music emerged as if from the hands of a gardener who only grants his plants the necessary support, sufficient water, or a wire around which they can entwine themselves.Like climbing plants, the sounds ascend, opening their blossoms, winding their way around obstacles, sprouting their pods and dropping their fruit.


Rydberg foto