Kapital Band 1

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Kapital Band 1 at Syn / Cussion Festival 2017 Berlin

Kapital Band 1 are Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann. The musicians met in 2003 playing a number of duo concerts under different names: “the golden boys”, “hair” amongst others.
While the instant approach was to make an abstract derivate of funk music it happened to be something quite unique – but not funk. By using random algorithms the drums and the electronics interact in a way that forces the musicians to play with an attention to the moment which you only know from improvised music, while keeping the skeleton of a pop song. In 2004 “2CD” was released, the bands debut album on Mosz–Records/Vienna. KAPITAL BAND 1 received a honorable mention at PRIX ARS ELETRONICA for their debut album. Their music has since developed far beyond its starting point and infact there was a second album already in the works and near completion, but the musicians decided to trash it altogether and go a step further. “Playing By Numbers” is the result – the third album.

In 2018 they started to work on a new album