Sign Space at Berlinale

Hila Peleg’s documentary on the exhibition space will be premiered at Berlinale this year. Music is composed by Nicholas Bussmann using Winfried Ritsch’s player piano “Der Automat”.

18.2.2016 14:00 at Akademie der Künste

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Installation “Miete essen Seele auf”

Miete Essen Seele Auf

as part of HKW’s exhibition WOHNUNGSFRAGE Angelika Levi’s Film “Miete essen Seele auf” is going to be presented as an installation.
Opening is October 22. 19:00 at HKW. The Film feature music performed by Cottbusser Chor.
Composition: Nicholas Bussmann
Lyrics: Jan Theiler
Performers:Lucile Desamory, Yusuf Ergün, Nana Possmann, Laura Mello,Rico Repotente,Thomas Tichai