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Vinyl & Book out now:…..

Grand Prix d’Amour Productions proudly presents: Nicholas Bussmann – Instructions Nicholas Bussmann Revolution Songs in an AI Environment & The News Trilogy In the beginning there was an instruction, initiating a moment of play which took the form of a book;a book that emerged out of a solo exhibition held by Nicholas Bussmannat the TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle […]

soon out on Vinyl: The News Trilogy

News Trilogy part I at Maermusik

MaerzMusik Nicholas Bussmann The News Trilogy Part I: The News Blues (2014) Sat.12.5.2016 Haus der Berliner Festspiele Cottbusser Chor Lucile Desamory Yusuf Ergün Margareth Kammerer Laura Mello Eduard Mont di Palol Rico Repotente Todosch Schlopsnies “The News Blues” is a musical and social experiment using the tools of algorithmic composition. Nicholas Bussmann approaches news as […]

The News Blues & Major News Minor News at Hangar Bicocca

The News Trilogy (Part I and Part II) by Nicholas Bussmann Part I – The News Blues Part II – Major News / Minor News Nicholas Bussmann approaches news as data stream to be processed by 7 performers of various languages executing a composition or in other words: an algorithm. The composition is a set […]

Porto Blues

Rico Repotente Lucile Desamory Fernanda Farah Yusuf Ergün Laura Mello Todosch Eduard Mont di Palol