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Vinyl & Book out now:…..

Grand Prix d’Amour Productions proudly presents: Nicholas Bussmann – Instructions Nicholas Bussmann Revolution Songs in an AI Environment & The News Trilogy In the beginning there was an instruction, initiating a moment of play which took the form of a book;a book that emerged out of a solo exhibition held by Nicholas Bussmannat the TAXISPALAIS Kunsthalle […]

soon out on Vinyl: The News Trilogy

Kapital Band 1 – Internationale Solidarität

Nicholas Bussmann & Martin Brandlmayrfalse random & real mistakes filthy luxurious package unlimited edition ni vu ni connu Internationale Solidarität by Kapital Band 1

Singing Yesterday’s News Again Radioplay

 The radio play version of “Singing Yesterday’s News Again” the SAVVY FUNK documenta14 radio news project by Nicholas Bussmann & Natascha Sadr Haghighian with 18 singers is now online at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.the introduction is German, most of the radio play is in English language. Laura Mello, Lucile Desamory, Margareth Kammerer, Aaron Snyder Eduard Mont de […]

free download of a new Nicholas Desamory track