Kapital Band 1 (Foto / Photo: Lucile Desamory

Donnerstag, 13. September 2018, 19–20.30 Uhr

im Rahmen der Ausstellung Nicholas Bussmann___AMELICA

I like Marina Abramović and Marina Abramović likes me

Nicholas Bussmann evoziert bürgerliche Gefühle und bemüht sich, ihnen ein Copyright einzuräumen. Dazu lädt er Marina Abramović ein, um von ihr zu lernen, wie das eigene Œuvre die Zeiten überdauern kann. (Performance)

Kapital Band 1 = Martin Brandlmayr & Nicholas Bussmann

Seit 15 Jahren arbeitet das Duo an der Schaltstelle von maschinellen Strukturen und Mustern menschlicher Improvisation. Im TAXISPALAIS erzeugen sie mit Schlagzeug und robotergesteuertem Flügel falsche Zufälle und echte Fehler. (Konzert)

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 7pm – 8.30pm

in the framework of the exhibition Nicholas Bussmann___AMELICA

I like Marina Abramović and Marina Abramović likes me

Nicholas Bussmann evokes bourgeois feelings and tries to provide them with a copyright. He invites Marina Abramović in order to learn from her how one’s own oeuvre may stand the test of time. (Performance)

Kapital Band 1 = Martin Brandlmayr & Nicholas Bussmann

For 15 years, the duo has been working at the interface of mechanical structures and patterns of human improvisation. At the TAXISPALAIS they employ drums and a robot-controlled piano to create false randomness and real mistakes. (Concert)

The News Trilogy Parts I, II & III

6.7.2017 20:00
7.7.2017 20:00

Nicholas Bussmann – The News Trilogy

The News Blues
Major News/ Minor News
Secret News

Documenta14 radio Savvy Funk
Savvy Contemporary Plantagenstr. 35 Berlin Wedding (Silent Green)

A language is a dialect with an army

אַ שפּראַך איז אַ דיאַלעקט מיט אַן אַרמיי און פֿלאָט
a shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot

poster by: Ivana Lazić

Performance for singers with different dialect / languages including, Romanian, Slovak, Ruthenen, Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian

CK13 cultural centre Novi Sad 2.6.2017

News Trilogy part I at Maermusik


Nicholas Bussmann
The News Trilogy Part I: The News Blues (2014)
Sat.12.5.2016 Haus der Berliner Festspiele

Cottbusser Chor
Lucile Desamory
Yusuf Ergün
Margareth Kammerer
Laura Mello
Eduard Mont di Palol
Rico Repotente
Todosch Schlopsnies

Cottbusser Chor 645-17

“The News Blues” is a musical and social experiment using the tools of algorithmic composition. Nicholas Bussmann approaches news as a data stream, processed, imitated, harmonised, misunderstood and transformed into a polyphony of voices and meanings by seven performers with differing mother tongues. “The News Blues” questions the relationships between language and music, sense and nonsense, the causes of exclusion and integration, the manufacture of consensus and opinion. Presented as live durational performance in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele’s Kassenhalle, “The News Blues” accompanies an evening devoted to algorithmic composition.