Nicholas Bussmann

Nicholas Bussmann mixes traditional composition with club music production techniques and concept art. He performs under various monikers and band names. The Video Etüde in bürgerlichen Gefühlen 2009, the opera Barnes Dance for 7 singers, 4 drummers 2010
as well as the 2012 House Music album Nicholas Desamory – like you  show the broad facettes of his work. With Martin Brandlmayr (Kapital Band 1),
Chico Mello (Telebossa), Lindy Annis and Lucile Desamory exist long term collaborations. Curates regularly the Grand Prix d’Amour in Berlin and occasionally
for other venues: Maerzmusik/Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin, Transmediale/Berlin. He toured in Europe, Japan North and Middle America and published numerous Vinyls & CDs. Nicholas Bussmann lives in Berlin.




links for diverse collaborations:
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Lindy Annis
white hole | beige osc. & dj attachée
ich schwitze nie
Butch Morris Berlin skyscraper
Otomo Yoshide Ensemble
labor sonor
John Zorn Cobra Berlin

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